Healing the Mind

To feel our very best, I believe it is essential to care for ourselves in every way: body, mind, and spirit. (In this note) I would like to talk about the mind as this is a part of us that oftentimes holds us back from healing, growing, and being the best that we can be. The mind is our thinking/feeling body [subtle in nature]. Depending on the condition of our minds, the quality of our lives is affected. How we think, how we feel is contingent on the experiences that we have. Certain experiences block our innate ability to thrive. If our basic needs are neglected or if we have experienced some trauma in our lives, our growth may be compromised. Emotional pain is carried in our minds–and this can be quite consuming. We need to give our minds as much attention as is required to free ourselves–but not get stuck there. Our minds need to heal….the pains we are carrying need to be resolved. We need to be aware of how our past experiences influence our present state of mind. When we see the connection, we can begin to heal. The process is not always easy, but somehow we need to come to terms with the past; we need to move forward and find a way to let it go. By nurturing ourselves and surrounding ourselves with positive loving people–we can heal. When we fix our minds on our real [spiritual] nature, we are guided by Spirit; then our minds become a powerful tool that help us to reach our greatest heights.

You must deliver yourself with the help of the mind….For one who has conquered [healed] the mind, the mind is the best of friends”….Bhagavad Gita
[Krishna to Arjuna]

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