Knowing God

Yes! It’s true: we really can know the nature and personality of the Divine. We often shy away from the idea that God is personal and knowable–that God can be known; but it can be done. We are a reflection [a spark] of the Divinity. Our inherent nature reflects the nature of God. As we have individual thought, so does God. As we have personality, so does God. As we are creative beings, so is God. As we seek to express love, so does God. God–who is our Divine Mother and Father–loves us as a (good) parent loves their children. Though the Feminine aspect of God is often overlooked–still, Her energy is recognized in various ways: Mother Nature, Mother Earth, Mahadevi (Mother Goddess)….The male & female natures that exist in this world are a reflection of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. All is not void in the spiritual sky. Because Spirit is Absolute it is not bound and limited to the concept of abstractness. God is All things: personal and impersonal; male and female; Infinite and finite; One and individual…Because of our individual nature, we can share love with one another. We exist to love and to be loved. Spiritual relationships are real. They do not cease to be when we are liberated from matter. We often imagine that spirit is void of activity and diversity; but the nature of spirit is diversified. Material diversity is a reflection of spiritual diversity. One is temporary; the other is permanent. Where there is permanence, there is eternal bliss and everlasting love…

When we come to the material world, we often look for the type of love that exists in the spiritual sky. The world we live in is a reflection of the spiritual world–where our relationships are always based on pure, unconditional love. To create the greatest experience for ourselves and for others, we need to express love as often as possible–to as many as possible. Because we have an interdependent existence, we need to act in a way that considers the well-being of all. When we fail to do so, things become imbalanced and chaotic (as we can see). Living a separate (self-serving) type of lifestyle is not sustainable; it goes against our natural grain [of symbiosis]. When we live in alignment with our inherent loving nature, we can expect to see a great shift within ourselves and with the world around us; and we will surely experience true bliss and lasting joy–in this life and always…

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  1. Very well explained. Thanks for enlighting. You truly have read the Vedic scriptures.

    1. Thank you! I appreciate your kind comments.

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