Rebuilding Our Foundation

As we continue to be faced with various challenges on a global scale, I believe it is essential to (continually) discuss and evaluate the direction in which we are heading. If we wish to get on track and change the course of our lives, we need to (effectively) address our problems. Quite commonly, we look outside ourselves for solutions–but real progress begins on an individual level. The world won’t get “right”, until each of us [individually] gets “right”. The condition of our world on the outside is a reflection of the condition of ourselves on the inside. As we see things breaking down on many different levels, we can understand that it is time to start rebuilding. To achieve real growth and progress, we need to have a strong foundation built on principles which consider the happiness and well-being of all. Every individual who comes into this world should be given the opportunity to begin life with a good foundation–to be well cared for and nurtured in every way [body, mind, and spirit]. Spiritual well-being is essential for our overall growth and happiness. Real spiritual values are based on compassion, wisdom, and love–not dogmatic, divisive doctrine. Real spiritual values regard our intrinsic connection to one another and our need for community and loving support. We are, by nature, interdependent; we are not meant to live a self-serving lifestyle. When we go against nature and live at the expense of another, we can expect to see varying degrees of turmoil and strife. If we undermine and disregard our basic human values, we will experience chaos and despair. We need to decide what it is we hope to achieve–and pass along to the future generations. When we find common ground, we can build a foundation that supports the true well-being and happiness for one and all.

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