Remembering Jesus

During this Christmas season, I’ve been meditating on the wonderful gift given to us by (our eternal brother) Jesus Christ. Jesus gave us the gift of Truth. He reminded us of who we are and of the power of Spirit. He lived his life with full awareness–knowing of his real spiritual nature. He acted [wisely] with kindness, forgiveness, compassion, and love. He never forgot his divine relationship with his eternal Father-Mother [Abba-Amma]; his will was perfectly aligned. “I and my Father are One”: one in purpose; one in deed; one in desire. When we live our lives in the spirit of oneness–we experience true unity, freedom, and peace of mind. Jesus showed us the way out of material bondage (by being in alignment with our innate divinity); he knew of the glorious life awaiting us back home–in the infinite sky of pure, everlasting love…

A beacon of light–illuminating our path back home…what a gift!

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