To Know You Is To Love You

As humanity is reawakening, we are (once again) remembering who we really are. We are recognizing the nature of our true [divine] selves. We are realizing that we are, in actuality, spiritual beings. As spiritual beings, we have an inherent loving nature. The nature of spirit is based on love–and the nature of love is personal. Because we are personal [individual] beings, we can share love with one another. Love fulfills its purpose by being shared. We have an intrinsic need to love and to be loved. And love begins with the self: self-love. There is so much about ourselves to love. We are inherently powerful and great! We (our spirits) are perfect and pure. We are a spark of the Divine–endowed with glorious qualities and attributes. If we can see ourselves for who we really are, we can love ourselves fully and completely. And when we are able to really love our-selves, we can expand our love to all others.

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