Infinite Love: Part II

Part II: Questions and answers from Infinite Love….

>What are your thoughts on the current school system? How would you improve it?

The current school system is in dire need of a [serious] makeover…My father would always say, “Why doesn’t the educational system teach children to recognize their innate greatness?” Our current system is not geared towards helping individuals achieve personal excellence in life; nor does it provide the essential knowledge students need to become healthy, happy, functional, caring, and loving people. Yes, it is true that education begins at home; it is the responsibility of the parents to educate and raise their children well–but the reality is that many parents are unable to do so. A good school system could make up where they (the parents) lack. Education needs to address the essential needs of an individual–on every level: physical, emotional, sexual, social, professional/vocational, intellectual, spiritual…Knowledge needs to be relevant and useful. We need to learn how to care for ourselves–in every way (body, mind, & spirit); how to have healthy relationships; how to be good parents; how to tap into our innate potential; how to be responsible stewards; and how to live a fulfilled life…

Wisdom needs to be injected into every area of our lives…Through wisdom we will find unity, forgiveness, compassion, joy, prosperity, solace, and love….

>Where does love come from?

Love is the essence of the true self; it is the intrinsic nature of the spirit soul….love has no beginning–and it has no end…love is causeless….love can be covered, obscured, blocked, or forgotten–but it is always there beneath it all..
Love emanates from the Divine [God]. It is the foundation of real happiness and everlasting joy…

We feel love coming from our hearts for this is where the spirit soul is “seated”…

>What is the most wonderful change you have made in your life that you feel could help others?

Twenty-five years ago when I re-discovered my loving relationship with God, my life changed–my agnostic and atheistic views changed. I was a BIG skeptic. I thought that if God (a Divine Loving Being) really does exist, then somehow I wanted proof. Well, “ask and ye shall receive”–and so it happened. I had a direct, personal experience with God (through meditation)–and so my whole life changed. As I started to reawaken to my true identity and to my connection to God, I felt compelled to live my life in a certain way–in a more godly way: with love, kindness, humility, tolerance, acceptance, patience, forgiveness, compassion, etc. If a belief in God fails to bring us to a more loving and unified place within ourselves and with the world around us, then (to me) it has no real value. For me a belief in God meant a whole life change. I wanted to live more in alignment with my authentic, loving [godly] nature. I wanted to live my life with purpose–in support of the spiritual upliftment of humanity. I wanted to feel closer to my Divine Mother/Father (who art in Heaven)–and so I spent twelve years (in an ashram) communing with God and getting “right” with my-self. This was a great life change–living a monastic lifestyle in an insular setting. Those twelve years helped to solidify my spiritual growth and brought me to a place where I can now live my life with greater awareness–with more acceptance and love. The more I deepen my relationship with God–the more peace, joy, solace, and love I experience in my life…

>How would you solve the world’s drugs problem?

I believe that we need to lessen our dependency on drugs–to have other tools to cope; to learn how to live without them (I know–tall order); to provide our children with what they need so they will be less inclined to fill the void with drugs; to live a lifestyle that supports health and well-being…Treat the cause–and yes, weaken the power of the drug lords…

>Is the love of money the root of all evil?

Separation [from the Divine] is the root of all evil…separate desires– choosing to live a selfish life without the regard of others causes evil… Money has no power, until we give it power. Money can be used for good or for evil–intentions matter. There may be people who love to make money and are gifted in this–and then they give their riches away to do good in the world (as in the case of Warren Buffet).
It is most essential (I believe) to have a sense of detachment–to not claim wealth as our own; for in reality, we own nothing (poverty is a reminder of this–and so is recommended in various spiritual disciplines). Whatever resources have been given to us (by Mother Earth) are meant to be used for the well-being of all. If we use money to uplift humanity and affect great change in the world–then there is no evil in loving money. We can love having the ability to help others; we can give money the power of love…

[Utility is the principle]

>Complete the Poem, by adding 3 lines (e.g verses). You must follow on from the last person. No more than 3 lines allowed please!

Here is a compilation of our crafty words:

Today we’ve come together on Facebook,
To create a poem at which you can look,
It’s from many authors, just like this book.

We all ponder on our writings, to say what needs be said;
Are we really typing the things in our head?
Maybe just conceptualizing our own delusions instead? 😉

Sharing our words of wisdom and love
With this wonderful group we are a part of
Finding inspiration from the Divine above

We are all trying to answer questions about this thing called life
Trying to figure out today and how to deal with strife
Hoping that tomorrow we can find love in it’s abundance and find it rife

Everyone is addicted to the same nicotene
Everyone is addicted to the same gasoline
Everyone is trying to get their hands on the same old green

What has helped me is to go beyond my mind,
To an experience that’s always left behind,
A love in my heart beyond thoughts defined!

I never knew there would be a better tomorrow
When you came into my life you opened a window
Beautiful souls you’ve taken away all my sorrow

Shining the light through mankind’s illusion,
Beyond the haze–beyond the confusion,
Unity and love are the finest solution…

But what is this solution “Unity” and “Love”?
Do they come from within? Do they come from above?
Or are they simply ideals we alone make meaning of?

Unity and love–the state of divine
Seemingly dissolved in the material mind
Seek deep within–and ye shall find….

Within and without, unite we must
World peace is the goal
World peace or bust

Love is the answer, love is the cure
For healing the sick
And caring for poor

Unconditional LOVE is a`MUST`
In this time of crime & money– lust
Feel it before you turn to dust!

Love is God’s mansion
With a room for everyone
Inspiring creation and infinite expansion

With one rule does it come,
the only thing that must be done,
to love one another as He loves US.
A simple rule, no fuss!

I know you and you know me
My love for you is pure and free

Allow ourselves to be
All that ever was
And all that’s forever free

>If you’re not shown love as a child, how does this affect your capacity to love others?

If we are not shown love as a child, (I believe) it can be difficult to love others. Love is within us all, but if we had not been given love–it may be a challenge to bring forth our inherent loving nature. To be able to love others, we need to have been loved ourselves–by someone, at some point in our lives; but then again love is so powerful that it can still come through. We are “wired” to love. Many of the problems we are facing in the world today are due to a serious deficiency of love…

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