Infinite Love: Part III

Part III (Final Part): Questions and answers from Infinite Love…

The following questions were created by members of the group….

>What is your greatest need?

My greatest need is to nurture my soul (with love); to live my life with purpose; and to re-connect to the Divine–the Source of unlimited, unconditional love. When I connect to the infinite love of the Divine–my spirit is nourished, my heart is filled with joy, and my love for others increases…As we expand our love to all those around us–our world becomes transformed….

>What is the purpose of religion?

“Divine intercession to mitigate the cosmic law of cause and effect (karma), by which a man suffers from his errors….” [So well said, Kent (a member of the group)]….I believe that the [original] purpose of religion is to help us transcend the cycle of birth and death–samsara; to detach from this world and then go back [to our real] home. The word “religion” (literally) means “to bind together”–similar to the word “yoga”, which means “union/joining”. When we connect/join/unite with the Divine–our divine loving nature is reignited; and the cosmic laws of karma are mitigated…

Purpose of religion=to understand our true life purpose–transcend karma– go back home….

>Why, when people see the truth, that love is the answer to all, do they still not change?

I think that change can be difficult…Our experiences, our habits, our thought patterns, our minds, our egos, etc. all have a tremendous influence on us; something holds us back. When we are able to identify what that is, we can move forward; but we have to want to change–and not everybody does. Something needs to motivate us…what does it take? I imagine that it is different for each individual–but change is always possible (if someone wants it).. There are things that we can do to facilitate change…

>What is your personal role in solving some of the world’s most challenging issues? Homelessness? Genocide? One of the world’s largest disasters in Pakistan? Hunger? The AIDS crisis, global warming, pollution, etc. Do you have a role?

I believe I have a role…I am trying to live my life in a way that regards the well being of all–and that is less damaging to the earth. I practice non-violence [no cruelty to humans or animals]; and I continue sharing wisdom and love. Yes!–just by being the best we can be, our world can change….
It begins with the individual…. Each of us can do our part, however large or small it may seem–as demonstrated in that nice story with the clams…[Kent shared a story with us]…change begins with each and every one of us.

>Do we need to negate the existence of God [a divine, sentient Being] to attain freedom, unity and love?

[Most everyone agreed that we do not need to negate God (as a divine, sentient being) to attain freedom, unity and love]

We tend to think of God in an abstract sort of way….God is love… God is all…God is source energy….God is also a divine sentient being…God is a personal being…God is an individual being…God is a self-aware being….God is a loving being….God’s personal nature is not often recognized–and so I wonder…why wouldn’t we want to know God as a divine loving being…why wouldn’t we want to know that we have a personal loving relationship with God? [since we don’t need to negate the existence of God to attain unity, freedom and love]

I think that we sometimes negate God–without even realizing it…..(certain aspects anyway)

There is a divine reality…It exists even if we are unaware of it. We may not sense it, but it is there. To get to the Truth, we need to have an open & clear mind…we need to let go of any misconceptions or misunderstandings we may have about the nature and existence of the divine reality [God]…
When we embrace the Divine, we attain true freedom, unity, and love…

>The final question! Your time has come, you’re on your deathbed, all is set as you would like it, what are your final 10 words (or less) to the world?

Time to go back (to our real) home where loving unity never fades….

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