Infinite Love

I was invited to contribute to a collaborative writing project being composed on Facebook [Infinite Love]. Each day the creator, Simon Rhodes, posts a question and all of the group members have the opportunity to weigh in. Together– we are sharing our words of wisdom and love.

Here are some of the questions–and my responses:

>What do you think caused life?

Life always exists–either in this world or in another (the spiritual). The seed of life–the spirit is eternal (causeless). Material life is set into motion by the Divine Creator [God]. God creates a world where we can co-create and express our individual independence (our free will)…like Father–like son/daughter…

>Please describe your perceptions of the world, taking into account nature as well as people.

This world is a temporary place of a dualistic kind: there is good and bad; pleasure and pain; heat and cold; heaven (great beauty, love and joy) and hell (hellish, suffering conditions); etc. Our existence here is supported by nature. She (Mother Nature) provides everything we need to survive: our bodies, our food, our water, our resources, etc. And She responds to how we live. In this world we can choose to live in alignment with our natural [loving] qualities–or not. When we choose not to– we then see varying degrees of destructive behavior. The condition of our world is the result of the choices that we are making (individually and collectively). When we align our actions with the well-being of all (including nature), we will see great change in the world.

>What do you think is the current state of humanity? What action is required, if anything?

In our current state there is a mix of those who are violent and cause harm to others and there are those who are loving and wish to alleviate the suffering of others. I believe that this is a significant ‘moment’ in time where we can affect great change in the world (if we so choose). People are (re)awakening and reconnecting to the divine wisdom that is within us. We are remembering the nature of our true selves: loving, compassionate, non-judgmental, kind, tolerant, forgiving, etc…

We need to find ways to increase our loving spirit and bring forth our inherent loving qualities. Through education, spiritual practices, and associating with other loving people, this can be done!

(Someone mentioned the Age of Strife, so I replied)

According to Vedic wisdom we are currently in the Age of Strife [Kali Yuga]. It is mentioned that during this Age of Dissension there will be a period of time called the Golden Age (which happens to be now) where we can easily reach self realization–facilitating the awakening that is now taking place. Great opportunity!

>Are there any reasons to withdraw or withhold love, if so what are they?

I believe that it is the withdrawing and withholding of love that has led to the many problems we are facing in the world today: violence, hatred, war, crime, abuse, etc. We may need to withdraw from certain people and certain situations–if they are causing us harm; but if we withhold love we are hurting ourselves–we suffer…

[True] love is wanting the very best for another. So even those who are shrouded in darkness, we can want the best for them (for their souls)…We (our world) is in a love-deprived state–and the best remedy is: to LOVE! Somehow…some way…”Love one another”…Love is the highest law. Love is the panacea.

>What will the world be like in 100 years time?

If we continue joining together like this and magnify our inherent loving nature (and act upon it), the future will be very bright….whatever we choose to do now–will affect what happens in the future…If we choose love over fear; acceptance over judgment; humility over righteousness; compassion over hatred, etc.–we will surely see great change in the world!

>How do you deal with conflicts of interest/disagreements? What works best?

My thoughts echo what many have already said: seeing other people’s points of view; agreeing to disagree; standing in your own Truth–whether or not it is accepted by others; talking things through with respect; finding solutions…What works best? I believe–all of the above…if only we could apply this on a great scale–perhaps we would see less conflict in the world.

>Do you believe people can change? If so, how?

Everything–that is not of spirit, changes over time….As we grow, we (our bodies) change; as we mature, we (our minds) change; as we heal, we (our thoughts/feelings) change. We (our spirit selves) do not change; our intrinsic nature always remains the same–and the good news is–we are inherently loving, compassionate beings! [no need to change who we really are–we just need to remember!]

>What is good?

Goodness is a quality that promotes wisdom and happiness. It is illuminating and brings us closer to spirit. “Good” and “bad” are relative terms–subject to countless perceptions. But genuine goodness may be defined as virtuous, altruistic, moral, benevolent, kind. When people, humanity, actions, etc. reflect these qualities, I perceive them as “good”…..

>What is Evil?

Evil may be defined as the intention to cause harm or destruction [a deliberate violation]. Where love is devoid–evil will arise. When we disconnect from our true, godly [loving] nature, we see Evil (intent to cause harm) in the world…

>>Stayed tuned for more questions and answers–coming soon……

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