What is our relationship/our connection to God?

Perhaps we need to know why it is of value to acknowledge the personal relationship we have with God. We may not even accept the existence of a Divine Being; and it is easy to disbelieve when we see the extent of turmoil and madness in the world. This may lead one to conclude that God–a Divine Loving Being doesn’t really exist. So how can this be reconciled? It takes a truly open mind and an open heart to deeply understand the ‘mysteries’ of life; though in actuality, they are not really mysteries at all—as the knowledge is available to us, if we so choose to accept it. We may wonder…How did we get here? Abuse, violence, torture, genocide, disease, famine, war, crime…hard to imagine that God exists in the midst of all this. So what the heck is going on? Well, the truth is that we (free-willed individuals) continue to make choices that compromise our well-being–individually as well as collectively. Because we have some independence, we can do (basically) whatever we want. We are independent–capable of making our own decisions, choosing our own paths in life, doing what is pleasing to us. So, what is the problem? The problem is that we are making our own choices and doing what is pleasing to us (oftentimes) in a way that is not in consideration of the well-being of all. We act in a way that is unnatural. Our authentic nature is that of a loving kind and in our natural state we coexist symbiotically. When our choices suit (only) our own needs, our own wants, and our own desires, we move out of alignment from our inherent, loving nature; this gives rise to abuse, violence, war, crime, etc. Because we are all connected, the choices we make affect all those around us –it’s just the way it is. So, when we forget our intrinsic connection to one another, a world of chaos ensues. Our world–our planet is sometimes known as the world of darkness or oblivion. Why does a world of darkness exist? Does God create a world of oblivion? The world we live in is manifested as a result of our individual desires (our independence and freedom of choice). God steps back (to a certain degree) and does not interfere with our independent will. Why? Because we are not meant to be controlled. We have the ability to express ourselves freely; this allows us to behave in a variety of ways: hateful and vengeful; indifferent and apathetic; loving and kind. We are free to do (basically) whatever we want; but as we can see– if we fail to consider the well being of others, our independence gets us into trouble. We don’t always use it in a way that promotes goodness and upliftment for mankind. The connection we have to one another is similar to the dynamic of a family unit. We are all actually like eternal brothers and sisters; and we have an origin–a Source similar to the connection we have to our parents. Our source is our Divine Mother and our Divine Father. Our relationship with the Divinity is that of a transcendent nature [meaning that it has always existed, though we may have forgotten]. When we desire to express ourselves in an independent, self-serving way–God does not interfere. Just as our parents (in this world) may not favor of all the choices we make–if they love us unconditionally, they will allow us to make our own decisions. Our parents may want certain things for us (that are in our best interest) still, they step back so that we can grow and learn in our own way. Our Divine Mother and Father are the ultimate parents–parents who are (unconditionally and eternally) loving, supportive, tolerant, caring…So when we get ourselves into trouble, they take measures to help get us back on track. They come to us in many different ways and try to awaken us from this deep slumber that we presently find ourselves in. Some of us may wish to remain in a slumber–but those of us who are now reawakening, we can get to know God (once again). By understanding aspects of our own nature, we can understand the nature of God. Each and every one of us is a self-aware, individual being. Our individual nature allows us to reciprocate love with one another. As we desire to love and to be loved–so does God. Being children of God–aspects of the Divinity, we all have the same divine essence: cognizance, purity, eternity, bliss, love… We have godly potential though without autonomy. Our divine nature and best attributes stem from the Divinity. And what about our worst attributes, where do they come? They come from the absence of divine expression. Our Divine Mother and Father are always aligned with their innate divinity–and so are not subject to a world of oblivion. We are prone to forgetfulness and illusion because our nature is not of an autocratic type. We have some power, some control, some independence, but it is not Absolute. We are a “chip off the old block”. Why is it of value to know this? By getting reacquainted with our (authentic) selves and our relationship to all, we can bring about a renewed spirit of amity and attain a sense of peace and solace–knowing that we are always connected and that we continue to live on. The relationships we have with God and with one another are the source of the greatest pleasure–the greatest bliss. The more we remember our connection to the Divinity, the more joy and happiness we will experience in our lives.

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