How can we feel more connected to our true, inner selves and to the Divinity?

As complex beings, we may find it easier to think of ourselves in terms of our existence here in this world–-identifying with our bodies and our minds. This is most ‘natural’. We certainly need to care for our bodies in the best possible way, just as we need to take care of our mental and emotional well-being. We are whole beings and we need to care for every aspect of who we are (holistically). Perhaps due of the ease of identifying with the tangible (the body and mind), we tend to forget about the part of us that is less tangible: the soul. Through meditation, we can remember who we are (at the core): divine spirit souls. Love is a natural expression of the soul. By expressing (genuine) love and emulating our spiritual nature, we can reconnect to our true selves. And through various practices: meditation, prayer, being in nature, attending church, temple, mosque, etc.–our relationship to the Divinity can be revived. God is always with us–so we can reconnect to Him at any moment…all it takes is a quiet mind and an open heart…

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