In Memory….

I met Robin Williams some years ago during the filming of Patch Adams. I was living in North Carolina at the time–where Patch Adams was being filmed. My friends and I would go to the set to see if we could get close to the cast and crew. This was during my ashram days, so we would go in our ashram garb–with spiritual books, blessed food and sacred garlands in hand. One day we saw Robin and approached him. He was humble, gracious and kind. He bowed his head and accepted the gifts that we offered. I was very touched by his kindness. He touched so many lives–and so now his loss is being felt by the masses. We now all share in his pain and suffering.

It is sad to know that his pain was so deep even though he was able to bring so much joy into so many lives. Taking our own lives may seem like a way out–a way to end the suffering and pain–an escape; but because our emotional body is tied to us, it (the pain) carries on even after the physical body is gone. There are no short cuts. We have to work through all of our trials and tribulations at some point in our lives otherwise it will never end….if we don’t do it now–we will have to do it later on…we have to [intentionally] let it go if we are ever to be freed…Suicide is never a solution. But as we know–as you sow, so shall you reap–so we know that good things will come for Robin because he did so much good for others and filled our hearts with so much joy. Thank you, Robin. You are loved.

With love, we pray….

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