Reflections on BEA 2012

These past few weeks have been quite exciting–since our attendance at the BEA (Book Expo America) in early June. We did two LIVE Radio Shows–broadcast from the Jacob Javitz Center (Press Room) in New York City. Normally when I broadcast Living Well with Jahnavi (my blogtalk radio show), I do the show solo. It was great to have LIVE guests on our show—and to have a guest co-host as well. On Monday June 4th we had a special show featuring Dr. Wallace Wong–author of When Kathy is Keith. Dr. Wallace Wong is a clinical psychologist who has been working with children and youth with sexual issues for more than sixteen years. Along with my special guest co-host Gage Maverick, we interviewed Dr. Wong and talked about the great work that he is doing to help support transgender children and their parents.

On Tuesday, June 5th for our second LIVE broadcast at the BEA I interviewed several different authors: Robin Conrad Sturm, Connie Reeves Cooke, Frank Say, Tysha Williams, and Christopher Rizzo and Sarah Hoppes with Dark Ink Productions.

Robin Conrad Sturm is the author of Breathing Life Into Dance–and the soon to be published: Daniel Doesn’t Dance. Robin has been a professional ballet dancer for the past 40 years. Robin writes of the benefits of dance and how such a discipline can help us in other areas of our lives.

Next we spoke with Connie Reeves Cooke–author of Fade to Dark which was published in 2006, and Cayman Heat which was released this June 2012. In addition to giving much of her time–the past twenty years–to chairing fund-raisers in Houston for the arts, education, medical organizations, and animal welfare, she spent many years as a magazine and television society columnist. She is currently writing her third novel, Cayman Wind, the sequel to Cayman Heat–so if you’re looking for a good thriller, please check out her books! She got a great review from the LA Times–a summer must-read!

Next I interviewed Frank Say. I met Frank last year at the Expo. Frank is the author of (working title) The Thirteenth Sun. Frank is a drug and alcohol counselor and will be receiving his Master’s Degree in Counseling. Frank and I will be discussing his own experiences with recovery and finding his spiritual path on an upcoming Radio Show–so please stay tuned.

And next I interviewed Tysha Williams. Tysha is the author of Pen, Paper, Pacific—an inspirational book for women, which is loosely based on Tysha’s life experiences. Tysha grabbed the interest of several publishers, which was so encouraging to see being a new author!

Miranda Spigener, my publicist and producer did a great job this year at thee BEA. Miranda represented all of us (her clients) and worked very hard to get us out there in the public/media eye.

Miranda is a Literary and Entertainment Publicist at Miranda Spigener Film | TV | Literary and a Founding Partner/Publicist with VerveStar, LLC Publicity | PR | Film | Publishing where she coordinated client PR segments on national outlets and shows such as Larry King Live, Fox & Friends. Miranda loves what she does for a living…She also loves helping others whether through philanthropy or just encouraging a friend to go for their passions. Seeing the accomplishments of friends is really something to smile about.

It was great to meet Miranda’s clients. They are people from all walks of life. Each and every one of us is quite unique. The one common theme is–TALENT!

And there were a couple of other highlights that I would like to mention. I made a very nice connection with Jefford Curre—owner of Megavision Network. He interviewed me so I was on the other end of the interview this time, which was a nice change! It was a spontaneous interview…no preparation…just real, honest, good conversation. Hopefully our video interview will help to open up some doors….

I went to see a special event at the Expo: A Conversation with Neil Young. I don’t often get excited about meeting celebrities or famous people, but Neil Young had such an influence on me during my teenage years. I learned to play the guitar with Neil Young songs, so I was very excited to have the opportunity to see him in a casual sit-down conversation (with Patti Smith). The event was so sweet. Patti Smith interviewed him and they talked about their musical influences and inspirations behind some of his songs. Neil’s book Waging Heavy Peace will be coming out later this year in October.

And we are finally releasing the new edition of my book: Divine Love: An Interview with God—the Source of Attraction. I got a wonderful review from an LA Times reviewer, which is now on the front cover. So exciting!! Very soon I will be sharing details of how my book can be ordered–so please stay tuned!

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