Healing the Body

One of the most important things that we can do to improve our physical health—to take better care of our bodies is to redefine our relationship with food. So many of the health problems we are facing today are diet related. In our society we are accustomed to eating foods that are highly processed and filled with substances that cause the body harm. The goal for many of the foods that we find on the shelves in our supermarkets is: shelf life. Foods come packed with all sorts of chemicals and preservatives so that they can sit on the shelf for long periods of time. We have strayed so far away from eating foods in their natural state—from eating whole foods. In our society it is easy to grow up eating primarily processed foods and fast foods–but we are now seeing the many repercussions. To maintain good health, the majority of the foods that we eat should be whole food. As we know, highly processed foods and desserts should be kept at a minimum. I don’t believe that we have to eliminate them completely from our diets, but they should be limited. Our bodies are very complex–and for our bodies to function well or optimally we need to eat nutrient dense foods. Food is in actuality a carrier of nutrients meant to nourish the cells in our bodies. All of our organs and organ systems are all made up of cells—and every single cell needs to be fed, nourished, and cleansed in order to do their jobs. Every cell, every organ, and every organ system in our body has a job to do so that our bodies are able to function. Sometimes we forget that the food we eat is meant to help support the cells in our bodies. It is common for us to eat just for taste and enjoyment; but if we follow down that road for too long eventually we will be faced with various health problems. The best medicine really is healthy food.The foods that are readily available to us are our medicine. If we remember this, we can do quite a lot to support our well-being. One of the members of our wise folk group was able to free herself of cancer by changing her diet. She is a true testimonial. Change your diet, change your life!

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