Where do we go from here?

Every day in the news we hear about the many different issues we are facing in the world: natural disasters, faltering economies, government oppression, terrorist plots, deadly diseases, famine, poverty, crime, etc. There seems to be an unending flow of despair. The problems we are facing are running rampant—and our technological advances can’t seem to bail us out. Such conditions are causing many of us to pause and evaluate where we are (right now) as a human race— as well as where we intend to go from here. We can clearly see that the way we are currently living on this planet is not sustainable. The earth produces an abundance of resources, yet we are still confronted with starvation and poverty. Why? Until we examine the root cause of the problems we are facing, it will be difficult to achieve lasting change. So, what’s going on? Why are we confronted with so many problems in the world? Our world is in the condition that it is because we have disconnected from the essential purpose of our being [which is to love one another]. Because we have an intrinsic loving connection to one another (an interdependent existence), our actions affect all those around us; it’s just the way it is. To a large degree, we have disconnected from our authentic, spiritual nature—which is based on unconditional love. The problem is a spiritual problem; we, therefore, need to apply a spiritual solution. We need to act in a way that considers the happiness and well-being of all. If we were to love everyone unconditionally, all of the time—there would be no war, no crime, no violence…This may sound a bit unrealistic–even so, it is essential to find ways to increase and intensify our loving spirit. How can we do this? We first need to overcome whatever it is that is preventing us from expressing our inherent loving nature. We need to look at how our life experiences have affected us and caused us to stray from our natural loving qualities. Pure love is within us, though it may get blocked. So many things, which come about through certain experiences, get in the way: fear, anger, resentment, pain, illusion, etc. We (as a human race) need to heal; we need to nurture our souls. Through deep heartfelt relationships we can heal—and when we are loved, really loved–our souls are nourished. Such love will reignite our intrinsic loving nature. We need to re-connect to our (true) selves, to the earth, to one another, and to God (Spirit). Every day we can do something to help us feel more connected: meditation, being in nature, gardening, yoga, visualizations, listening to spiritual music, praying, etc. Whatever resonates with you and brings you to a place of calm and stillness so that Spirit can be felt. The more we connect to Spirit, the greater will be the quality of our lives. Spirit is the Source of pure love and has the power to heal the world.

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