Undercover soul…..

When we come into this world, we [our souls] go deep undercover…we tend to go so deep that we forget who we really are inside. It is the quintessential role play. We have become outstanding actors–identifying with the ephemeral, material self–so much so that we oftentimes act in opposition to our authentic nature. Yes–the covering is thick; and the cover may be thicker on some than others. The longer we remain in this illusory existence and act in contrast to our natural, loving selves–the thicker the covering will become. In this illusory world, we can “be” something other than who we really are: divine, loving beings. At the core, we are divine sentient beings and our true nature is based on love. As sentient beings, we have the intrinsic ability to experience love. Love is not static. Love is a dynamic energy that is felt and expressed; there is someone who is being loved–and someone who is doing the loving. This alludes to our inherent personal, individual nature. We are individual (spiritual) beings–and in our natural state, we are One. Oneness does not mean ‘no individuality’; oneness means ‘no disunity’–being united by a common purpose: to love. We often wonder–what is our purpose for being? We exist to love–to experience unlimited bliss (in the spiritual sky)–and because we are personal beings, we can share love with others….with whom? With God and with one another. God is love–Yes! God is the source of love. God is the giver of love. God loves us, as a father loves his children. We are children of God– eternally in relationship with one another–united by our Divine Mother and our Divine Father. As we uncover our souls, we will (re) discover that, underneath it all, we are pure loving, unique beings–with an intrinsic connection to all. By recognizing and reconnecting to these most essential aspects of who we are, we allow for the ultimate loving experience. Eternal, everlasting, infinite bliss comes from pure, unalloyed, unconditional love…

Inspired by an ‘Undercover Boss’ who said, “To really be the best you can be, it’s got to be a little bit personal”.

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