Reflections on “Avatar”–the movie….

In a discussion on (best-selling author) Marianne Williamson’s facebook page someone wrote: “…we all carry within us a sub-conscious memory of a far more loving existence. Movies like Avatar have forced that memory to a conscious level”.

Marianne then replied, [according to A Course in Miracles]… “we all have an “ancient memory” of the perfect world”.
And so it is…

There really is a perfect (loving) world–existing in another dimension. In the Vedic literature there are amazing descriptions of the spiritual realm. These ancient books leave no stone unturned. Inspired books of wisdom teach us the same eternal Truths [the eternal wisdom of the soul]–some with greater details than others. We do all come from that perfect world. This (earthly) world is like our play ground–a place where we can imagine that we have an existence separate from one another and from God. Because of this sense of duality, there is dissension, war, violence, crime, greed, etc…

And though we may not have come here to experience war (per se), this is what ends up happening when we fail to act upon our innate divine qualities (of love, compassion, etc..). We are here to experience the diversity of the material realm–which we can do in a symbiotic way, but as we can see– that is not very common. Here, in this world, we tend to deviate from our natural, loving qualities–and so we are faced with war, violence, suffering…

Perfect oneness (loving unity) is our natural state of being, but because we are dynamic (and have some independence) we may choose to experience something else–something other than Oneness…go figure. That’s free will for ya’–gets us into trouble sometimes; but in the realm of eternity, it’s just a “flash in the pan”. But we may wonder… if oneness is so great, why choose anything else, right? It doesn’t seem to make much sense to come to a world of duality–a world where there is pain and suffering. Well, it sure doesn’t make sense–but here we are. Perhaps we were struck with a sense of curiosity–maybe something like….”hmmm–I wonder what it’s like to experience separation– to live in world where we can forget who we really are”…and then as soon as the thought comes, immediately we arrive. From here we can choose to either stay awhile and experience the pleasures of material life–or we can go back to the spiritual realm where the pleasure is unlimited and everlasting. So then, why did we leave?. Well, we all have an innate desire for diversity. We enjoy having a variety of experiences–and it’s risky business. Once we experience pain and suffering, (hopefully) we will lose our desire to exist in a world of separation (where our pleasure experience is being compromised) and (hopefully) our desire to return to our natural state of oneness/bliss/love/cognizance/eternality– will increase…

“Everyone is free to refuse to accept his inheritance, but he is not free to establish what his inheritance is.” ACIM

Our existence here is just like a dream… when we dream, we experience various dimensions of consciousness… and when we awaken, we return to our physical, material bodies…(kind of like in “Avatar”)… When we awaken from this dream [of material life], we return to our spiritual bodies–in the infinite spiritual sky…

[At the end of this dream] If we so desire, we can go back to our original home–to that perfect place where love persists…and it certainly is much better than Pandora…

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