In times of need…

In times of need, it is then that we are reminded of how we are all in this together; reminded of the connection that we all have to one another. In the face of this tragic event in Haiti, people from all over the world are gathering together to lend a hand; we are feeling the pain and sorrow of the Haitian people. When a catastrophe hits, our natural tendency is to want to help–to do something; to give relief and offer care and support. It is the most natural thing to feel compassion and love for others–if only we could feel this way ALL of the time. When tragedy after tragedy occurs, we often look for meaning; it feels like the earth is shouting out–VERY loudly. Can we hear what She is saying? If we choose not to listen, what will happen next? Perhaps these are wake-up calls, and there have been so many in these past few years…really–it’s pretty unbelievable: tidal waves, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes… Wow–what’s next? We are being called, in such a BIG way, to wake up. We need to wake up from this deep slumber we presently find ourselves in–a slumber wherein we try to live, survive in the world without regard of one another; this way of living is not sustainable, as we can see. Because we are all connected, we are destined to help one another. This spirit of common humanity needs to be magnified–and sustained…
…and when?

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