Thoughts on Ukraine

It is beyond heart wrenching to watch the attacks on a sovereign nation unfold. This affects everyone single of us—all of us who stand for human rights, freedom and civil liberties. We are (collectively) watching the rich and powerful gain traction in their endeavor for world domination. This is undeniably about autocracy vs. democracy. Fascism is on the rise. This well thought out plan, which has been in action for many years—by ruthless oligarchs—has gained ground around the world. And it won’t stop with Ukraine. That is why it should be alarming to us all. Those of us who are not part of the elite oligarchy are subjects, pawns being played for their own devious purposes. We have been manipulated with false propaganda and lies. A weakened, divided America is exactly what Putin needs to push forth his devious plan. He has been successful in turning us against one another. He has demonstrated the frailty of our democratic institutions. He successfully intervened in our free elections and sowed doubt into the minds of the most inclined dissenters. Such dissenters are pawns for these devious oligarchs. They look for like-minded people, people who won’t object to their nefarious agenda—people who can be bought, people who have a price. When you have massive wealth (billions of dollars) in addition to governing power, there is no limit to the amount of destruction you can cause—even if for your own personal gain. But, there is strength in numbers. If ever there were a time for us to demonstrate the will of the people, en masse—that time would be now—again. Let us learn from history: a threat to one—is a threat to us all. We need to stand united and strong. We need to resist the threat that is very real and moving closer towards us, every single day. We stand with the innocent victims of Ukraine and pray that this abomination is handled fiercely and swiftly. Please let this unnecessary war come to an end. Now.

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