“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” ~MLK

This is a moment in time that undoubtedly matters. We are at a precipice in our very brief history. Our young nation, this experiment of America is being tested. Can we survive? Can we live up to the promise of America? To be “United”. Unity in diversity.

We are in a critical state of dis-union. It did not begin with Trump. Trump merely saw an opportunity to gain traction in an already divided America. His ability to manipulate the minds of our fellow Americans is truly astounding, frightening. To watch the willful consumption of the poison koolaid he is feeding them, is disheartening. Though we’ve seen before, with cultists like Charles Manson, David  Koresh, Jim Jones, and more deviously, Hitler—it never ceases to amaze. Blindly believing the words of a demagogue, a pathological liar, a malignant narcissistic. Blindly accepting the demonization of others to create the illusion of enemies. Divide and conquer. Promote hate. Incite violence. When your main weapon is malice, contempt, and deceit—the outcome can only be calamitous. Blacks and other minorities have been demonized for centuries. Now, we are supposed to be convinced that democrats, liberals, and the educated should be feared and loathed. The evil cabal. Hate the democrats. Believe they are a part of some nefarious operation. No real proof. Just conjecture. People make shit up—and the foolish blindly accept. They fail to research and verify. No critical thinking. That’s too ‘elitist’. We’re just supposed to be naive suckers and risk everything this nation stands for to satisfy Trump’s ego. He wants to destroy our democratic foundation and push forth his own fascist agenda. He is a traitor to our Constitution. Many lives have been lost protecting our freedoms and civil liberties, too many lives. How many wars, battles have been fought to break free of tyranny? Why would throw that all away for a lying, cheating, treasonous troublemaker? He is not our savior. He is not exposing the “deep state”. He is the leader of the deep state. That is why 81 million loyal, patriotic Americans showed up for this  election—to save our democracy from a dictatorship. We are protecting every citizen’s rights. We do not want to become a North Korea. We do not want to facilitate Putin’s agenda for totalitarianism. And so, a record number of citizens took part in this year’s election, with more than half of us voting against autocracy. Eighty-one million. All hands on deck. No hoax. Not rigged. It should come as no surprise that we, the majority, have proudly stood up to defeat fascism. We are standing on the right side of history. Land of the free, home of the brave. God bless America! 🇺🇸

Those who have eyes, let them see.

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