Living An Ordinary Life in An Extraordinary Way

As we are starting off the New Year, I thought it would be a great idea to share some tips and guidance for living an extraordinary life–not only for the year 2012–but from here on in…..In Extraordinary You: The Art of Living a Lusciously Spirited, Vibrant Life by Vanessa Talbot–along with ten powerful voices–we learn what it takes to live extraordinarily. Talbot writes in the Introduction: “Why do some people live Extraordinary lives, seemingly illuminated in perpetual happiness and excitement for all that life brings…while many of us don’t? Why do some seem to enjoy such an array of vivid experiences, bathing daily in a shower of love and appreciation from family, friends, partners and strangers alike…yet the lives of many of us seem dull, colorless in comparison, lacking in brilliance? There is a common trait amongst those who take their lives to outstanding levels of joy, and that is appreciation You can live a wonderful life on true, heartfelt appreciation alone. Each contributor in this book, however, has an extra key they have discovered within their own lives. It is important to note to yourself right now that it is essential to take action on what you are guided to learn. Change doesn’t happen by itself. It takes active, willing, eager and patient participation on your behalf to bring down the internal barriers and allow your Real Self to climb through. ‘To Be’ by actively doing, in the most gentle and loving way, is the most precious gift you can give your Real Self.”

Cynthia Zeki, one of the powerful voices in the book, writes: “I discovered the spark of Divine Love within my heart that was my soul’s true connection to Spirit. And because that love was divine, it was absolutely unconditional. I found true love and acceptance of myself in my heart and that because the love in my heart was also divine it too was limitless; there was plenty of love and acceptance for everyone else. With the infinite love from Spirit in and through my heart, I found there was no need for judgment, negativity or any other limiting ideas. I found the peace and beauty of Heart Living. Simply put, Heart Living is living in balance; instead of focusing on a left-brain oriented way of looking at the world, life centers in the feeling, knowing heart and goes from there to the thinking left brain and creating right brain….So, why should you try Heart Living? Why not just focus on your right brain and follow your intuition and your imagination? Basically, your intuition and your imagination are tools. As a spiritual being or soul have a human experience, your were born with choices. Following intuition and/or imagination without heart wisdom makes you a puppet and can lead to separation from the human experiences and even from your fellow humans…..the true essence of who you are is in your heart. This is where your wisdom, joy, beauty—all the magnificence that you are—resides. When you live from your heart first, you are living the life that you are truly meant to. And because you know this, your discernment and compassion grow exponentially, and all judgment is more easily released; your heart is where pure, divine love for you and for all resides. Heart Living understands that your own truth, the very center of who you are and what is right for you, is neither a thought nor an ideas but a feeling. In this case, a feeling does not refer to an emotional response; it’s a resonance and/or vibration that is experienced in the heart….Heart Living encourages your heart to open and blossom, and it helps you to understand your deeper truths. You are then free to live in this truth and share it with others. Living in and sharing your heart’s truth gives you the deep peace, radiant love and constant happiness that is Heart Living. A delightful way to start practicing Heart Living is by noticing and appreciating beauty…When you are engaged in Heart Living, you have a constant connection to the wisdom in your heart. Heart wisdom is different from knowledge; knowledge Is the information we’ve acquired through our formal and informal education and our life experiences. We access our knowledge mostly through our left-brain. Wisdom is deeper than knowledge, the bigger picture that helps awaken the truth in our soul…”

Here are some Suggestions to help you live extraordinarily through the love and joy of Heart Living (by Cynthia):

Open and close each part of your day with heartfelt appreciation.

Open and close each part of your day with heartfelt appreciation by placing your hands on your heart and saying words of gratitude. At the beginning of each day, say ‘Thank you for a new and glorious day.’ At the end of the day, ‘Thank you for this glorious day I just experienced.’ When you arrive at work, say ‘Thank you for his job and the opportunities is provides for me.’ When you leave work, say ‘Thank you for this job and another successful day. This part of my day is now over and done.’ When you prepare and eat your dinner say, ‘Thank you for the opportunity to prepare and eat this delicious and nourishing meal.’ Dinner is now done and I embrace the relaxation and rest of this evening.’ Opening and closing each part of your day discourages left-brain rumination and encourages peaceful Heart Living.

Tune into your body and your feelings: Carry a small and beautiful object such as a lovely crystal with you. Pause throughout the day, close your eyes, hold this object in your hand and tune into the feelings in your body. Smile gently and feel warmth and relaxation flood your body as your heart expands outward. Think of a favorite memory and feel your body and heart lighten and soar. Practice this often to naturally experience the divine guidance of Heart Living.

Spend time in your sacred place daily: Spend some gentle, loving time every day in your sacred space. Play some beautiful music or a guided meditation that takes you fully into your heart-space. Then write, draw, create, or just sit. Joyfully do whatever your heart calls you to do, and experience Heart Living at its divine, loving finest.

Many thanks to Vanessa Talbot and Cynthia Zeki for their inspiring words of wisdom.

I hope you feel inspired to live a lusciously spirited, vibrant life. It is always a choice. We can choose to see the beauty of life in every day; and we can choose to be grateful for all of the things that life has to offer; and we can choose to take the time we need to connect with our inner voice—our inner guide to help us lead a fulfilled and joyful life. Choose to live an extraordinary life—right now!

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