Living Wisely

The idea of “Wise Folk Living” came about as I was considering ways to help improve our human (and global) condition. I began to think that what the world needs more of are: wise folks. Being “wise” is defined as having the power of discerning properly as to what is true or right; and I am quite certain that what is true is that the world needs a whole lot more love and kindness. If we wish to move in a positive direction and progress as a human race–we need to consider the way we treat ourselves, the way we treat our planet, and the way we treat one another. Wisdom entails application–not just theoretical understanding. Wisdom is defined as knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just discernment as to action. Erudition and philosophical education do not necessarily make us wise. Understanding what is ‘true’ or ‘right’–and acting with this understanding is (considered) wise. In my own experience I have found that this is not always so easy to do, but I believe that it is what I need to do–if I wish to do my part. Global change occurs on an individual level–and so day-to-day I endeavor to make wise choices. For me, ‘Living Wisely’ is living in a way that has the least compromising affect on myself, on others, and in the world around me; living as closely aligned to our authentic [loving] nature as possible. Unconditional love is a spiritual force that has the power to transform our world. As we continue to gather together, the waves of love and light will continue to spread–the positive energy will continue to expand–and our lives will be positively uplifted….

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