Thanksgiving: A Day For Giving Thanks

“It should be noted that while Thanksgiving has become a holiday deeply associated with America, there have been numerous ‘harvest’, autumn, and ‘thanksgiving’ festivals throughout history including Grecian, Roman and Egyptian celebrations.”

A day for giving thanks was celebrated by the early English settlers and the Pilgrims who settled in the “New World”. “The first winter the Pilgrims had in the ‘New World’ was a brutal one (nearly half of those who came over on the Mayflower died).” With the help of the Native Americans, they survived the harsh weather conditions. And by the grace of God, they were blessed with a bountiful harvest season. The Pilgrims were so grateful that they held a three-day festival to express their appreciation and gratitude [1621].

It is a wonderful thing to have an attitude of gratitude–not just one day of the year, but every day. And if not every day–then let us at least remember to be grateful on the day that is set aside for this purpose. Thanksgiving: it really isn’t about the turkey, after all….

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